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    VHS to DVD Conversion


Preserve Your Memories!

Over time the magnetic particles in your vhs tape break down. Time, environment and
use are all wearing out your tapes. Before they lose any more quality, let us
convert them to dvds for you and keep your memories from being lost forever!


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Cathy and Paul
We understand your videos hold precious memories. We take special care to ensure they are perserved safely. Old tapes can be delicate and we take extra care with them. To date we have not had one tape break, or get damaged in any way in our possession!






Why VHS to DVD Conversion

  • DVDs will last your lifetime and beyond
  • DVDs take up less room
  • DVDs are easier to use
  • DVDS are easy to copy on your home
    computer so you can make as many
    copies as you want for friends and family.
  • They make a great gift!

How much does this service cost?

Essentially a one hour vhs tape will cost $24.99 to convert to a dvd that is delivered with an onscreen menu and chapters that make navigating the video fast and easy.

A list of other fees for optional services is below to the left!








Fees for Various Services

  • $24.99 per video hour
  • Billed by the half hour after that ($15)
  • We will make extra copies for you at $8 per copy or you can feel free to make the copies on your own computer at home if you are able to do that.
  • Video editting if desired is done at a rate of $60/hr.
  • All videos come with a free case for proper storage.
  • All videos will have an onscreen menu with chapters that make navigating the video fast and easy.
  • All other customization is billed at a fee of $60/hr.
  • To all prices please add applicable taxes.

How the VHS to DVD Conversion is Done

There is a few steps to get your family videos from old VHS tapes to a DVD.

  • It takes real time to get the video from the tape to a computer, meaning you literally put the tape in a vcr and play it whilst recording it onto a computer hard drive. So if your video is two hours long, this step takes two hours.

  • From there we can do any edits to the video you may want, or not if you don't want or need any.

  • Then the video is rendered. That basically means the video is converted to a format we can put to a dvd. Any edits done are compiled here at the same time.

  • Then we set up the parameters for the video, how much it will be compressed to fit on a dvd, adding in the chapters for easy navigation when viewing the video.

  • 'Burn' and test the dvd.

  • VHS to DVD Conversion is done and it is ready for pick up, usually in less than a week!
Call Now - 613 825 6482 - and let's get you started!
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